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Gorgeous Pavers in Reno, NV


Walk Down a New Path

Back and front yards can sometimes be hard to traverse. When it rains in Nevada, the ground becomes muddy and tough to walk through. Pavers — paths built out of material like concrete or marble — provide the perfect walkway that you can move around without getting your shoes dirty.

Pavers accent the yard, making it beautiful and stunning. As a way for people walk, pavers lead people’s eyes to the most interesting and amazing parts of a yard. If you want your visitor’s eyes to focus on the fountain in the corner, build a paver to lead to it. If you want to guide them along the flowerbeds you planted, build a paver next to it.

As a harder material, pavers can also provide wonderful pathways to areas where you can hang out and spend time with friends and family.

Allow Us to Pave Your Yard

S & A Enterprises Landscaping Specialists has specialists who have trained in the art of beautifying your home through paving. These specialists know where to place pavers so the eye is directed where you want it to be directed while providing the best movement possible in your yard. For more than 35 years, this family owned and operated business has helped to beautify Reno neighborhoods with pavers.

Licensed for residential and commercial paving, we do it all from top to bottom. If you only need help to figure out where to place your paver or if you want us to develop your entire paver route for your yard, we’ll be there to help. No job is too small. We work with you to find a competitive price so you can enjoy your pavers and not stress over breaking the bank.


Areas We Service

We build pavers for residential homes and commercial properties in Reno, Sparks and Carson City. If you live or own property in one of those cities or in the areas surrounding them, contact us to learn how we can add pavers to your yard.

Pavers always look great in yards, which is why we always love giving free estimates to customers. A free estimate will let you see what your yard could look like with beautiful pavers guiding your visitor’s path. Call today for a free estimate.

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