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Thinking About Xeriscaping Your Yard? 5 Misconceptions That You Can Overcome


When many people think of xeriscaping, they think of a dull landscape filled with rocks, gravel, and sand. But the dry, desert look is not what true xeriscaping is all about. Xeriscaping is about creating a landscape that looks great while reducing the need for water. It does not call for the total elimination of all watering or limit your choices to succulents or one-color grasses.

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5 Basics of a Classic Formal Garden


Whether your yard is large or small, a formal garden design is a great way to give it a feeling of class and tradition. Formal gardens accentuate the positive features and draw the eye away from any negative aspects of your property, and they look great with many styles of architecture. So how can you create your very own formal garden at home? Here are five must-have elements.

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